Possible artists: DJ W!ld, Radio Slave, DJ Sneak, Chris Carrier, Gauthier DM and more

Born in 2005, Catwash Records knew from the beginning how to pick out dance floor favourites and made its way signing artists from different backgrounds across the world.

With brilliant DJs & artists like Boris Werner, Sammy Dee, Chris Carrier, Catwash (band), Shaun Reeves, Lee Curtiss, Adam Shelton, Marco Faraone, Lula Circus, Silvie Loto, William Kouam Djoko, Gauthier DM, Gulivert, Julian M, Le Chien Perdu and DJ W!LD, the label owner. Catwash continues to grow from strength to strength.

The ‘Hors Série’ side of the label gives a fresh and new sound while remaining in the same colours but with an extra shiny feel reminding you that ‘Catwash’ soul is not far away...

The brand freshly released a new record imprint, ‘The W Label’, a special place created for DJ W!LD and friends, whose motto is ‘we have wild records’. The W Label hosts DJ W!LD’s debut album ‘Palace’, with remix features by Art Department, Chris Carrier, DJ Sneak, Fries & Bridges, Gauthier DM, Jay Haze, Kerri Chandler, Radio Slave and SIS.